Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My 35th Birthday!

Yesterday, January 4th was my 35th birthday.  Since my husband has been on night shift it was a very quiet day.  Also all of my family live far away.  A friend and her two boys stopped by and brought me some cupcakes and hand made  cards.  Then we went to Starbucks and got some blended strawberry lemonade drinks and took the boys over to McDonalds so that they could play on the indoor playground.  They had a blast!  We had an almost nice visit.  The boys got to hollering so it was hard to hear at times.  When I got back, my husband was awake and had taken the night off of work to be with me.  So we went to Applebees for a nice dinner.  We were going to try a new place in town, but heard some not good reports, so we will wait awhile before trying them, let them work out the kinks.  After dinner we went over to his parents house since they had a gift for me.  And spent the rest of evening visiting with them.

Even though my friend brought me some cupcakes, I still wanted a birthday cake since I did not get one last year.  I also wanted to see what 35 candles looked like on a cake.  (Pathetic?)  So I made the cake, even though it was after midnight by the time it baked, cooled and was frosted.  I put on the candles and brought it down to my husband who lit the candles with a fire starter that was on too high and melted the candles before they got lit.  Oh well.  Then he sang happy birthday to me and I blew them out!  I had to relight them in order to get pics of them, cause I was not thinking ahead.  The candles were really melted by then, but they cooled completely while I was busy taking pictures and they came out wax and all.  The only wax drippings still on the cake were from my husband lighting some of the candles with another candle.  I frosted the cake with pink frosting, cause I like pink and my mom always frosted my cakes with pink frosting.  So here is the birthday cake I made myself.

 35 Candles

Pretty daisy print candles

4 of the 7 cupcakes we received

 Tie dye wax? I just thought it looked pretty!

No more wax on 35 holes!


  1. Happy Birthday!! In 3 weeks, there will be 32 candles on my cake.

  2. Nice to know you are not too far behind me. :)
    A January B-Day too? My husband's is on the 21st, same age as me!