Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Birthday Cake

So my friend's birthday is a month after mine and since she made a cake for me, I decided to surprise her with a cake also.  This is what I came up with I'm no cake decorator, but I tried.  She liked it and that's what matters.  The only bad thing is that she did make her own cake this year and another friend brought her cupcakes.  Oh well.  We who surprise need to coordinate better.  I found a pearl dust for cake decorating and sprinkled it all over the cake for a very pretty sheen.  Enjoy!  

Framed Sentiments

A friend and I got together to make up some framed sentiment projects to see what we could come up with for a women's get together.  This is what we came up with.  The stamp set is Close to My heart and  came with 3 different  flower designs.   I tried to stamp out and color a daisy image, but the markers we were using made it look to color bookish, so I ended up making the calla lilies like my friend did.  I used a different ink, marker and phrase than she did.  I always have to be different !  Here it is!

Mine is the one on the right.  I liked the paper so much, that I didn't want to cover too much of it up when I put a coordinating paper behind the stamped image, so I trimmed it really close, maybe a little too much when you compare it to my friend's, but by itself, I like it.  I like how the calla lilies are softer on the frame to the left, but using the darker ink like I used makes them pop more too.  They both work.  These frames are 4" x 6".

Click on images to enlarge them. 

My husband gave me this stamp set for my birthday, so I made him this stamped sentiment for his birthday.  the sentiment is a quote from Helen Keller, so wise she was.  This frame is 5" X 7"

So I was on a role with these stamped sentiment projects and made this one to let the women know they could use other stamps than the flowers.  I had the paper already in my stash from a paper pack.  I really like how the writing on the background paper coordinates with the scroll cross and sentiment.  The frame is 5" X 7". 


January 21st Another 35 candles!

Another 35 candles.  My husband turned 35 just 17 days after I did.  I know this is very late, but I'm going to try and catch up by sharing everything I've been wanting to share with you but have not.  For my husband's birthday I made a German Chocolate Layer cake.  It is one of my favorite types of cakes besides white cake.  Thankfully it's my husband's too.  I love the coconut frosting.  Rich chocolate cake is not my kind of cake so this is perfect since the frosting is a lighter taste.


This cake was a surprise from a very good friend when we celebrated my husband's birthday with friends at a bowling alley.  She asked if she could make a cake, and I thought she was making a German Chocolate cake (so glad I made one the day before).  She included me on the cake since we weren't able to celebrate mine since my husband had to work that week.  It was a fun evening!  Isn't this cake pretty!  Since we had so much cake, we took this one to church to share with anyone who wanted a pieceEnjoy!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hello Again! and Beary Sweet Blog Candy!

I know I've been gone for a loooonng time!  Life happens!  I'm trying to organize my house and get rid of a lot of unneeded items.  Our office is finally taking shape, it was originally supposed to be an office/guest room, but the room is so small (about 10 X 10), and our roll top desk is so big, we only had room for a daybed.  We got rid of that, and I slowly started moving photos and scrapbook paper into it to make some (crafting space) work space, for myself.  Unfortunately our kittys had their "box" in there, since we got a dog, (dogs like to eat kitty "treats", wink, wink).  So I never wanted to be in the room.  Well we moved the box out, shampooed the carpets, put in an L-shaped desk, and a bookcase, and a lot of other containers for storage and such, and tada!, I finally have a designated workspace.  I usually craft in odd spaces like the couch, maybe kitchen table, the floor, anywhere, I can carve out some space.  It feels so good to have some space to call my own.  Some day we may turn our garage into a craft room, but I'll always need some space in our office.  It still needs a lot of work, still putting things away and finding a home for them, but at least the space is usable.  

So anyway, about the blog candy.  The women on the Beary Scrap Design Team blog have some very nice blog candy to give away so i thought I'd spread the news.  Check them out by clicking on their name to see all the wonderful goodies they are giving away!  Good luck!!

Hopefully I won't be gone so long, but life happens.  I have soooo much to share with you.

Here's a pic of a thank you card.  Enjoy!

See you later!