Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Card Swap 2009

Here is the Christmas card I made and sent to Vjkats from the HGTV Holiday crafts message boards.

Inside of card.

Hidden pocket with ornament

The ornament (two sided)

The sentiment

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My First Craft Show Report

On December 8th,  Marty called me to let me know of an upcoming craft show at the hospital.  I had thought I had missed out on all of the hospital craft shows for the year.  (I had been thinking I might have actually participated in one this year.)  So I was pleasantly surprised when she called.  Marty is the woman in charge of the craft shows for the hospital.  And a portion of the proceeds go to fund different events for the staff throughout the year.

Well she let me know that the craft show was on Dec. 18th, Yikes!, that only gave me 10 days to come up with something!  I spent the first 5 days playing around with ideas, and making a couple of things, but was not crazy about them.  Then I thought of the popcorn wrappers that many of the women on the HGTV message boards have been making for the last 2 years or so, with great success, and figured that's what I would make.  In today's economy, people are mostly buying less expensive handmade items.  I had not seen anything like them here, so they were a good bet.  So on Sunday I went to Office Depot to get some copies of the snowmen wrappers, bought a few more bits of fleece, dug some out of my stash at home, and began to work.  I worked on them off and on this last week, going back to OD for more copies and for copies of the cute tags to go with them.  Finally I finished them, tags and all, Thursday.  I took them to the hospital on Thursday night.  The craft show started at 7AM.  Since I am not a morning person, taking them the night before was better for me.  I got to see the other things for sale while I was there.  There was a nice selection of items. No one was there while I was setting up, so I did not fill out any paper work, and I was not sure how the system worked.  I went back home and began trying to grunge up some shipping tags. (I had made a tag for the candy cane wall decor and wanted to play some more.  I stayed up pretty late doing so and was still awake when my husband got home after getting off work, 5 hours early from a 12 hour shift.  Oops!  He was not that surprised as I always am up late.  I had planned on going to the hospital early in the AM, in order to fill out the needed paper work, but of course was too tired, so I woke up after noon and then ate lunch and got ready to go.  I got there after three, and had discovered the night before that in the entry way a person can look down into the cafeteria where the craft items were displayed.  So as I walked in, I was shocked to not see any popcorn wrappers left, but two.  I had convinced myself that no one would want to buy much stuff from me.  But I chosen the right item to make.  Yeah!  Out of the 48  I made, and  brought 47 to the show (I gave one away to a friend) I only have two left.  I also made 4 Tootsie Roll Snowmen, (same snowman image wrapped around a tootsie roll bank), sold all of those, I had 4 sled ornaments (made 2 years ago, and did not have time to make more this year), sold those.  One paint can snowman, did not sell.  One Candy cane door hanger, did not sell.  But I still consider this a success since most of what I made is now gone.  Hopefully I can participate in more shows next year.  Craft shows are something I've been wanting to get into for a long time.

Here a my pics of the popcorn wrappers and other items.  Enjoy!

  I sold 45 of 47 of the popcorn snowmen.  Yeah!!!

This is a paint can snowman.  It did not sell, but I only had one at the show.

This also did not sell, but again I brought only one.

These are some sled ornaments I made.  All 4 SOLD!   I'll make more for next time, but these i already had on hand so I brought them to see how they'd do.

These were tootsie roll banks (filled with tootsie rolls of course).  I wrapped the snowman wrapper around them and added a hat and scarf,  I used the same sizes from the popcorn snowman.  I sold all 4 of them.

So, for my first ever craft show, I think I did well.  Gives me hope to try another one.  Later!

HGTV Christmas Card Swap 2009

I participated in a Christmas Card swap this year on the HGTV craft message boards.  My swapping partner was Vjkats.  We exchanged cards in this swap.  Here is what I got from her on Friday.

Click on the picture to see a larger version!

A beautiful Christmas card, a gift card holder, 6 card stock ornaments, and 5 sheets of sparkly, iridescent paper.  How pretty!!!

Here is the card!

Inside of the card.

Gift card holder.

Pocket side of gift card holder.

The ornaments were cut out with a scalloped paper punch, wrapped with sliver and white string and then two were taped together, for double sided ornament.  Cute!

And here is the card I made for her.

Sorry, all you get is a hint for now til I know she has received it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some of My Favorite Ornaments

These are some of my favorite ornaments I've made.  I have more pics, but they are not digital yet, so whenever we get a printer hooked up to this computer I'll be able to scan them and then post.  Some of those include sleds made from mini craft sticks,  Snowmen, and more.  So stay tuned!

This Hymnal Angel was made from a Hymnal ornament.  The pages are blank, but the cover says silent night.  This is very easy to make, just a bit time consuming.  the head is a wood ball knob, the halo is a pipe cleaner and the ribbon came from the ornament, it was used as a bookmark.  

This link will give the instructions for a full sized Hymnal Angel, that can be adapted for a smaller book.

Here is an Angel made from large eyelet lace, a doll clothes pin, small ball knob for head,  embroidery thread for hair, pipe cleaner halo, mini craft stick arms, lace for wings.  Cute!

Here is a sock snowman ornament made out of a baby sock.  Unlike the larger versions, this one is only stuffed with stuffing to keep it light weight for hanging.  (Larger version has rice in the bottom to make it stay in place.)  Hat is a baby sock cuff, face is painted on with fabric paint, nose is tiny bit of orange fabric, blush for cheeks, fabric scarf, felt mittens, floral wire wrapped around a pen, (only wire I could find at the time.)  These are so fun to make because I mix and match the hats, mittens, and scarves.  No colors are the same, but all look great together.  I need to make more since I have a huge stash of materials just waiting to dig into.

So that's all for now.  I hope you enjoy!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snowflake Topiary

(This pic was taken at my friends house, she keeps her winter decor stored in the attic where the temps always fluctuate, so the paint peeled.  If I learn a way to keep this from happening, I let you know.)

This is a centerpiece, I made for a Women's  Brunch.  I found the idea for it in a Gooseberry Christmas Book.  Our brunch took place in January, so we had a "Snow Brunch" instead of a Christmas Tea.  They are easy to make, just time consuming.

Snowflake Topiary

* Stiff felt (or make your own like I did with felt and fabric stiffener)
*Fabric Stiffener (if making your own)
* Glitter glue (I used an opalescent glitter glue)

* Snowflake Pattern (found mine in a craft book)
* Tacky glue or other craft glue

* Dowel Rods (I used about 1/4")
* Terra cotta pot, various sizes (I used 2", 3", 4")
* White and blue paint
* Sealer

* A silver metallic paint pen
* Plaster of paris

* Ribbon
* Sequins or buttons
* Fake snow or Textured Snow paint

*  Glue gun and glue sticks

Paint the base of the pots with several coats of white paint and paint the rims blue.  After they are dry,  write "Let", "It", "Snow", on each pot, one word per pot.  Then seal the pots with an acrylic sealer.  (This may cause some yellowing of the white paint.)  I'm sure there is better sealers now, but at the time I did not know.  Then  stiffen the  felt with fabric stiffener or use stiffened felt (available at most craft stores) and when dry, trace out the snowflakes onto the felt using a pattern. (I found mine in a craft book.)  Cut out the snowflakes, and then cover them in glitter glue to add sparkle.  (This also helps to stiffen the felt even more.)  Paint the dowel rods white.  Then cut the dowel rods at different heights and glue the snowflakes to the top. (I lined up one of the arms of the snowflake with the dowel rod.) Following product instruction, mix, and fill a clay pot with plaster of paris, then insert the dowel rod into it, holding it til it sets.   Repeat for other two pots.  When hardened, paint with white paint.  Then cover with textured snow paint.  Or spread glue over paint and sprinkle fake snow over it, or use a glue gun to add fake snow.  (I did have a little trouble with the fake snow sticking well, so a glue gun might be better.)  Tie a bow out of ribbon and hot glue it just under each snowflake.  Glue a Snowflake sequin or button to the middle of each snowflake, on each side.  (This helps cover up dowel on the back.)         

Here is a close up shot.

These were my first ones.  The paint is yellow from the acrylic sealer.  So before sealing I recommend to test it first or find a sealer that does not yellow.  Or forget the sealer if you want a flat , no shine, paint. Or use an outdoor acrylic paint.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Craft Show Purchases

These are the items I bought at the craft show this year.  I saw a lot more things I would have loved to have purchased, but as money is a bit tight this year, I stuck to only using the cash I brought with me.

1.) First pic is of Crayon Bags for two young friends.  Included was a pad of paper, a pencil, a box of 24 crayons, a small toy. $6.00ea.

2.) A Gingerbread Doll. Perfect for my kitchen!    

3.) A pincushion glued on a crystal candlestick. $8.00

4.) Clay Sewing Angel.

5.) A Clay Snow Girl  (Different Artist). I try to collect one from her every year. 

6.) Snowman block (Made from a 2x4), 2, Square snowman head ornies (diff. sizes), Square snowman ornie, Spool snowman ornie. (I like to collect from this artist every year also. 

7.) A small 2-drawer box, 2 ceramic snowflake ornies, painted spindle ornies, santa key, Ginger bread ornie, 3-face circle snowman ornie.


These bags are about 4"x6" or 4"x8".  Cost was 50 cents ea.  Perfect size for giving or keeping ornaments in.

These are ornament hangers. 75 cents each or 2 @ 75 cents for smaller size.  Made with a thin piece of rusted wire or twisted wire and then a little accent.

These are battery operated candles, dipped in wax, sprinkled with cinnamon.  Candle sticks were $5.50 each  and tea light was $2.25.

So these are what I purchased at the craft show this year.  I think this may be the last show for this year.  I try to catch all of them during the season, but this year I missed most of them.  I hope they can inspire you to make something cool.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Bazaar Tonight!

Tonight is the first day of the largest craft bazaar of the year for our town, here in NE Wyoming.  So I'll be heading their as soon as we eat dinner and my husband goes to work, he's on night shift this weekend.  I'll  let you know if I find anything good.  Last year was a bit of a let down with a few exceptions.  I saw a lot  of framed art work prints.  This is supposed to be a hand-crafted, and juryed show or so I thought.  I also saw tons of jewelery makers.   Too much competition if you ask me.  But on a brighter note, one clay artist came back after about a 5 year absence.  Yeah!  I used to by ornaments from her every year to hang on my own tree and to give as gifts.  I hope she is here again this year.  So, everyone have a goodnight, and I'll let you know what I see!