Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pumpkin Cards

This first picture is of a card I found on Ebay. I was looking for ideas for handmade cards. On the inside of the card it had a smaller pumpkin and a flower and said "Thank You". When I saw the thank you I just knew I had to make them for the women and for my in-laws who made meals for my husband and I, (or had us over for a meal or two) after I had my gall bladder removed in early September. So the next pics are of my version and my MIL's version. I made my pumpkin with an oval punch I had. The smaller pumpkin I made using my cat eye inks as a template and tracing around it. I also have on hand a stamp-around wheel stamp from Stampin' Up that I used to make the lines on my pumpkin colored paper. I punched out two of my flowers and the third was a purchased flower. My MIL used papers she already had on hand (checkered paper) and then added some sunflower stickers and some silk flowers. She'll be giving hers out as thanksgiving cards and encouragement cards. I just love how we can see the same idea and put our own spin on it. I apologize to the original creator of this card as I do not know who you are. If you see this, please let me know so I can give you full credit. I tried to find the card again on ebay, just two days after I saw it, but it must have already sold, so I could not get any info on it. Most everyone who received one, has displayed it somewhere in their home cuz it makes such a nice decorative piece. I should try and make one for myself as a decor item also, but for now I have too many other things to do. Thanks and enjoy!!!

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