Thursday, November 19, 2009

What I've Been Up To

Sorry I haven't posted in 2 weeks!!!  I've been really busy.  I've been getting together with friends and crafting!  I love it.  I've never gotten together with friends and made stuff as often as I have in the last two months.  I think it has to be this stamping bug I've had.  Stamping is something even the most uncreative person can do with out much effort and still have great results.  Last Friday I got together with my friend Christina and we just played with our stamps.  I didn't finish my card 'til Sunday night.  Then on Saturday I got together with two other friends, Rebecca and Jessica, and we made some Tile Coasters for gifts.  The Saturday before the women at my church got together for a Salad Luncheon and to make a  Christmas card.  Christina presented the project and showed her Close to My Heart stamp sets and accessories.  I helped out.  It was really nice not to have had to prepare everything myself as I usually end up doing for such get-together's.   I had gotten together with Christina about a week and a half earlier to make sample's for the women to imitate.  Then on Friday, I helped her make sure she didn't forget to bring anything for her presentation.  Unfortunately she became sick that weekend, but pulled everything off and hid it well.  Everyone had a great time!  I want to do it again soon!  The pics are of our women's event at church (even some kids came!) and of two versions of the cards.  Christina's is first, mine is the second one.  It was neat to see some people put there own twist on the cards and not follow the example.  Enjoy!!!     

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