Friday, May 21, 2010

Garage Sales and Decluttering!

I want to let you know why I'm not here very often. 

I have been busy getting rid of clutter in my home, something I've been neglecting for far too long.  I believe I've been going through a bout of depression since 2006, for many reasons, and I also had a bit back in early 2002, that I may have never been completely over.  I've not been diagnosed, this is just my own opinion.  I had days where I would just lay around and do almost nothing.  On other days I would go out and shop for home decor or craft supplies.  I finally had a break through in January of 2009, but I still was not out of my hole yet, because I went back to acquiring items.   My house has gotten completely out of control!  I am slowly finding my way with the support of my husband and the encouragement of our pastor.  So this past Saturday I had my first garage sale in 2 years.  I had a lot of stuff, but mostly knick knacks and home decor and seasonal.  I only made 266.00 and was hoping to at least break 300, but I did better than it felt like I was doing.  It was a slow morning as there were 50+ other sales to compete with.  I had committed to sending what did not sell, to our church's garage sale next week.  Although it was tough, (there was still a lot of good stuff!), I did send it.   (I had already given them all the leftover stuff from my last garage sale and even gave them 90% of my beanie babies I had collected since 1998.)  About 5% of the items left after the garage sale, I kept and took to a consignment shop.  

I'm still going through many things.  Monday I went through some old books and magazines and today I went through my clothes.  I have a huge bag ready to go.  I hope to have one more sale before we go on vacation in June and then maybe another after vacation.  It's amazing how much freer I feel letting things go.  So far it's been pretty easy, but when I get to the good stuff that have no place to go, and I have to let them go, that's when it's going to be tough.  But it's all for a good cause, (my marriage, my sanity, our family and our friends), and by God's holy spirit guiding my way, I'll be able to do it.  So if this blog is lacking, this is why. 


  1. Congratulations on the garage sale! I had two last year and made over $500!! It was so nice to see all of that clutter leaving!!

    As for the depression, I don't know personally what you are going through, but my husband was diagnosed with depression 5 years ago. He tried several meds until he and the doctor found the right one. It's amazing how balanced he is now! I have seen some big changes in him for the better!

    I'll be sure to keep you in my thoughts!

  2. I have hypothyroidism (Low Thyroid), so I'm sure that was a huge part of my depression. My tests kept showing thyroid levels as normal, even though I felt not right, (this happens a lot with the thyroid), Then in Dec. 2008 they increased my dosage and this December 2009 they increased it again. That has helped me a lot. We also have not been able to get pregnant(10 + years now), so this also factors in to my moods. So I just keep moving forward, but some days I still don't get much accomplished.