Friday, June 4, 2010

My Grandpa

I just want to let you know why I'm absent right now.  First I'm not at home or have my computer with me.  I am staying with my sister.  I'm not sure how to work her computer very well, so please excuse this short post.  My grandfather has been sick since late December.  In March they discovered he had cancer.  Even though he did try cancer treatments, he has just gotten worse and worse.  Last week we found out it spread to his bones.  He was given 6-8 weeks to live.  I came as soon as I could, about 5 days after hearing the news.  I've been here with my family since Memorial Day.  He is going so quickly, I believe he'll be gone in a few days and probably next week will be his funeral.  I'm so glad to have gotten a chance to say goodbye.  If I had waited even one more week, I would have missed my opportunity.  Also this grandpa is the only grandpa I've ever really known, as my other one made choices that keeps him away from us, and does not know us, and visits us maybe once a year.  Now for some good news.  My grandfather has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and he will see him soon!  So yea, I get to see my grandfather again someday!!!  Also, since I am staying with my sister who's husband is away serving our country and my husband had to stay home to work, we have gotten to bond through this experience and support each other.  Just today we said our goodbyes and feel at peace.  He knows we love him and we will miss him.  Even though he was pretty out of it, he still was able to say  I love you to us over and over and over as we left the room.  We have never been a huggy family, but this week, we have been doing a lot of it.  I also have time to play with my niece and nephew (8 & 12).  My sister lives about 30 minutes away which allows us some escape from the sadness going on,  or "anticipated grief" as the hospice workers told us what this is that we are feeling.  So I'll end this now before I cry all over my sister's pink laptop.  For any of you prayer warrior,s feel free to pray for us.  My grandparents are wonderful people and all 4 of their children,(and spouses), have taken the task to care for them as grandpa moves on, they are wonderfu peoplel!  I hope I can be that good of a care taker to my own parents if need be. They were all raised well! Thank you for "listening" and everything! Bye!

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