Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Close To My Heart

So I've been thinking for awhile now about becoming a Close to My Heart consultant.  I've never really been a consultant before for anything ,other than a short stint with Avon and I mostly bought for myself.  I'm finally taking the plunge!  A lot of things are changing at CTMH, so now's the best time to sign up.  They have a lot of classes to take on-line that shows how to work the business and how to make different items with the many stamps, inks and papers that they have available.  I can't wait to start learning all about them, although I know quite a lot already having learned about them well over a year ago.   Keep watch, I'll post about them soon.  I just signed up tonight!

I made this tile last year as a good bye (moved away) gift to a friend.  It is a ceramic tile stamped with a CTMH stamp of the month set, using staz-on ink to make it permanent.  I also warmed this tile in the oven to try to insure that it stayed permanent.  Because the tile was ceramic, the stamps smeared easily while stamping.  Since staz-on takes a little bit to dry on this surface, I was able to wipe off the goofs (about 3-4 times).  I also recommend having staz-on remover close at hand also.  To finish it off, I glued ribbon around the edge.  I included an easel to display it, but this would also make a nice coffee mug coaster.  Enjoy!

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  1. This is a great idea and looks fab! Thanks for joining my blog and congrats on becoming a consultant. It's a great company; You'll love it!