Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snowflake Topiary

(This pic was taken at my friends house, she keeps her winter decor stored in the attic where the temps always fluctuate, so the paint peeled.  If I learn a way to keep this from happening, I let you know.)

This is a centerpiece, I made for a Women's  Brunch.  I found the idea for it in a Gooseberry Christmas Book.  Our brunch took place in January, so we had a "Snow Brunch" instead of a Christmas Tea.  They are easy to make, just time consuming.

Snowflake Topiary

* Stiff felt (or make your own like I did with felt and fabric stiffener)
*Fabric Stiffener (if making your own)
* Glitter glue (I used an opalescent glitter glue)

* Snowflake Pattern (found mine in a craft book)
* Tacky glue or other craft glue

* Dowel Rods (I used about 1/4")
* Terra cotta pot, various sizes (I used 2", 3", 4")
* White and blue paint
* Sealer

* A silver metallic paint pen
* Plaster of paris

* Ribbon
* Sequins or buttons
* Fake snow or Textured Snow paint

*  Glue gun and glue sticks

Paint the base of the pots with several coats of white paint and paint the rims blue.  After they are dry,  write "Let", "It", "Snow", on each pot, one word per pot.  Then seal the pots with an acrylic sealer.  (This may cause some yellowing of the white paint.)  I'm sure there is better sealers now, but at the time I did not know.  Then  stiffen the  felt with fabric stiffener or use stiffened felt (available at most craft stores) and when dry, trace out the snowflakes onto the felt using a pattern. (I found mine in a craft book.)  Cut out the snowflakes, and then cover them in glitter glue to add sparkle.  (This also helps to stiffen the felt even more.)  Paint the dowel rods white.  Then cut the dowel rods at different heights and glue the snowflakes to the top. (I lined up one of the arms of the snowflake with the dowel rod.) Following product instruction, mix, and fill a clay pot with plaster of paris, then insert the dowel rod into it, holding it til it sets.   Repeat for other two pots.  When hardened, paint with white paint.  Then cover with textured snow paint.  Or spread glue over paint and sprinkle fake snow over it, or use a glue gun to add fake snow.  (I did have a little trouble with the fake snow sticking well, so a glue gun might be better.)  Tie a bow out of ribbon and hot glue it just under each snowflake.  Glue a Snowflake sequin or button to the middle of each snowflake, on each side.  (This helps cover up dowel on the back.)         

Here is a close up shot.

These were my first ones.  The paint is yellow from the acrylic sealer.  So before sealing I recommend to test it first or find a sealer that does not yellow.  Or forget the sealer if you want a flat , no shine, paint. Or use an outdoor acrylic paint.

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  1. Those are very cute! I'll have to remeber them for next year.