Friday, December 4, 2009

Bazaar Tonight!

Tonight is the first day of the largest craft bazaar of the year for our town, here in NE Wyoming.  So I'll be heading their as soon as we eat dinner and my husband goes to work, he's on night shift this weekend.  I'll  let you know if I find anything good.  Last year was a bit of a let down with a few exceptions.  I saw a lot  of framed art work prints.  This is supposed to be a hand-crafted, and juryed show or so I thought.  I also saw tons of jewelery makers.   Too much competition if you ask me.  But on a brighter note, one clay artist came back after about a 5 year absence.  Yeah!  I used to by ornaments from her every year to hang on my own tree and to give as gifts.  I hope she is here again this year.  So, everyone have a goodnight, and I'll let you know what I see! 

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