Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grandpa-You will Be Missed

On Sunday morning at 3:40a.m. surrounded by his wife and kids, my grandpa went to be with Jesus in heaven.  I last saw him on Friday and was able to be at peace with his soon to be, passing.  It was so hard to see him sick like he was, cause this is a man who never got sick.  He just went down hill so fast.  I arrived in town late Monday (Memorial Day), saw him Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, and by early Sunday morning he was gone.  It's kind of hard to believe he is gone.  It's so easy to take for granted that loved ones will always be there with us and then in a flash, they are no longer with us.  This is my first such experience.  Tonight we went out to dinner with my Mom, Dad, Grandma, Sister, Niece,  Nephew, Hubby and me, and I honestly thought for a split second that grandpa would be there too.  He was such a great grandpa.  A wise man and helpful to everyone,  always giving out advice.  He liked to start out by saying things like, "Let me give you a little pep talk", and "I'm going to pick on you a little bit", "You know I'm teasing now, don't you?"(wink, wink).

He is survived by 4 kids and their spouses, 11 grand kids, 11 great grand kids, plus one on the way. 

So thank you Grandpa for being just the right grandpa I needed growing up, you'll be greatly missed and I can't wait to see you again. 

With Love,
From your first Grand Daughter,

Here is  card I made for my grandpa on June 2nd and gave to him on June 4th.  He passed on June 6th.

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