Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lighted Easter Basket

I saw these Easter Egg Lights at Walgreens a couple of weeks ago and I thought they would look really cute hanging around the house somewhere.  They also had some really cute Easter baskets.  An idea struck me!  What would it look like if I put the lights in the basket with some Easter grass?  So I put one together and it looks so cute!  These would be great on the entry table, hall table, or as a centerpiece-if you had access to a plug in and could hide the cord.

(Caution:  These should not be left unattended just like they were candle.  I've let mine stay plugged in for hours with no problems, but caution should be said.  Don't leave the house without unplugging!)

I think these could also be created using plastic eggs and a light set.  Create a small hole in the end, big enough to insert light, then using clear tape, tape down wire to keep the light from coming back out the hole.

Arrange as desired.  First put some Easter grass into basket, then put the lights in.  Add more grass, covering up the cords as you go,  tucking and rearranging as works for the lights.  Plug them in, stand back and admire your new display.

When you want to use this as an actual Easter basket, simply remove the grass and lights, fill with new grass and treats and enjoy!

What I used:

1 string of lights
1 Easter basket
1-2 Bags of grass

All for a cost of about $12.00 with the lights being on sale!

Here it is in the daylight, isn't this basket cute!  And only $5.00!

A close-up
I like how it glows!

So, what do you think?

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  1. I'm a bit late finding this for this year, but I hope they have the lights again next year because this is a GREAT idea!!