Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tips & Techniques: iPod Touch

I just found a great use for my iPod Touch that my husband got me for Christmas.  The iPod came with an alarm app already loaded onto it.  I sometimes use it as a gentler way of waking myself up. With a husband who is a shift worker (who alternates between days and nights) I often wake up after he is asleep.

But here is the new way of using the alarms!  I set the alarms to go off when it is time to take medications!!!

I went to the doctor yesterday for a sinus infection and he prescribed me two different medications.  One is to be taken 3 times a day and the other is to be taken twice a day, (or every 12 hours).  I also take a thyroid med every day, and sometimes another one my GYN doc has prescribed, so taking all of those can get confusing and some should not be taken together and some should be taken with food while others need to be taken without food.  So, I started to set timers for my meds and now I'm taking them consistently and I don't have to worry about forgetting to take them.  I can even label the alarms to say just what they are for.  Boy I'll be glad when I'm better and don't have to take all of these meds!!!

Another fun use of the iPod Touch are the game Apps.  ANGRY BIRDS is my favorite  game and is soooo addicting!!!  But it's fun to play and great for long car trips, using in the waiting room at the doctors, etc... I currently own seven, yes, 7 versions of Angry Birds, four of which are free.  A few other favorites are:  Cut the Rope,  Moron Test, (use it on your friends and watch them get frustrated, Hilarious!), Cat Physics-very challenging,  Pac-Man, and a new won I found,  Family Feud.  Plus a few others.  (Many game apps are free or .99 cents.

 -I can also download and watch Movies
-Watch T.V. shows on HULU plus
-Watch You Tube videos
-Download and play other games and brain teasers
-Check out Facebook 
-Check the Weather
-Use it as a flashlight
-Use it as a calculator
-Search the internet-(must be within range of WIFI for this and many of these applications)

-Use it as a baby toy, (the Baby Piano Lite is a great app and free!),  and Yes, I have let my friend's baby use it a few times now, but I refuse to let her older two boys, (4 and 5 yrs.), play with it as they might be more aggressive and there are the two of them and only one iPod.  (If you have kids and let them use your iPod or work construction or similiar type jobs,  I highly suggest purchasing an Otter protective case for it.  I found one for my husband at Radio Shack. A bit spendy at $40.00, but you want to protect your investment!!!)

-I can even download the Cricut Cartridge Handbooks with the iBooks app, and take it with me shopping so I know all that a cartridge will do, (cause the back pics on the packages don't do them justice!)

-Use it as an Address Book
-GPS, (sort of), as long as I download the map and directions from a WIFI location

-I've also got a few different versions of the Bible downloaded on it with the Olive Tree Book Reader app, (this is a great app, especially if I need  different versions of the Bible without actually owning them-most of these are FREE!
-Voice memos
- Write myself notes and memos 
-Take and view Videos and Photos, (although not as good as my digital camera, but it's so less conspicuous and I can take pics of ideas I see at Hobby Lobby and the like
- Calendar and reminders,
 and many more!!!  Again many of these apps are free!

Oh yeah, and I can Listen to Music!!! 

The more I use it, the more uses I find for it.  It basically is like a small portable computer and very worth the investment especially if you are on the go alot.  I started walking with a couple friends this year, but if I go by myself, it is so nice to have the music to listen to, so that I can enjoy the walk and not get so bored.

So if you've been wanting one,  I hope I've given you,  justification to buy one,  new insight into some of the many good uses for one.  So save up and get one.  Or better yet,  ask for one for Christmas, or at least money to go towards the purchase.  I'm sure it will be even better and much improved by then, as technology changes faster than one can even grasp.


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