Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cold and Snowy Day

Last night I made a card before heading to bed and it turned out OK. Here is last's night card. I wanted to try it out before making it with my friend. I also tried putting a couple of necklaces together, really simple ones. All I did was add a pendant to some pre-made chains. One I liked, the other needs some more details to it. I should know better than to start a project when I should be going to bed.

Today I woke up to the weather being cold, windy and with a light dusting of snow. A good day for staying inside and being creative. This afternoon I got together with my friend Christina to put together card kits for an upcoming card workshop. Then we both made a version of that card as samples for the women to have an idea as to what the are making. I forgot to take a picture of the cards though!!! Grrr!! I probably won't see this card again 'til the 7th of November so I'll have to post a pic then. Card making is becoming more and more exciting to me, but every time I find a craft that I want to make and try to sell, I soon talk myself out of it, telling myself that the items are not really good enough to sell, and then I never follow through with doing the research needed to find out if I could sell my stuff. OR I buy enough materials in order to make many many multiples of something, and then never sit down and do them. I'm so easily distracted. So here I sit with faint ideas of making and selling cards, along with the many other Christmas ornaments that I love creating. Anyone else have the same struggles?

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