Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby Congrats for Twins

                                           So this is the card I made on Thursday. After I created this blog, I noticed at the bottom and off to the side was a list of Blogs that I was following. Well to my surprise there was one listed! It was one of my cousin and her new baby twins. So seeing this blog and catching up on how the babies are growing, reminded me that I have not sent her a congrats card yet. My husband had his tonsils out in May (same month they were born) and then things just got busy from there. Living far away from everybody makes it easy to forget. ( Out of site out of mind.) So I've been wanting to do something with these Stampin' Up stamps that I found at a garage sale last year, and have only played with them a little bit. So this is what I came up with today(Thursday). I "auditioned a lot of papers before I hade the right combo and then even as I started to trim and glue it together it still came out differently then I had been thinking. I swear, but sometimes things just make themselves! After I made the card, I also decorated the envelope. I own two sets of Stampin' Up baby themed stamps, and one has a diaper pin that when stamped over the flap on the back of the envelope makes it look like the envelope has been pinned shut, cute!!! I also used an acrylic stamp set from OT to stamp a clothes line on the front of the envelope. Enjoy!!!

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