Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My New Blog

Well, through a suggestion from a friend (Aunt Diane) on the HGTV craft boards, I have decided to start my own blog to share my thoughts and ideas about the things I create and do with my family and friends.

So I hope you all enjoy what you see. Please feel free to comment and share and advice or ideas you have as well.

A little bit about myself:
I am a wife to a really great guy who loves me for who I am. I am a homemaker, though not very good at it sometimes as my creativity often trumps the chores needed to be done. I love to try my hand at most crafts, my glue gun being my favorite tool. Cats are my favorite animals, but we own a dog who is very sweet, so I like him too. My paternal grandma taught me how to sew by hand at a very young age and helped me many times with different creations I would attempt over the years. I loved digging into her stash of fabrics to see what I could find. A few years ago, I dug into her stash and grabbed quite a lot of fabrics and swatches. My plan is to turn them into a mini quilt or something and give one to each of my aunts or uncles and one to each cousin, but first I need to find out what the fabrics were made into. I plan to have a copy of each fabric swatch to pass around and have everyone write what they remember the fabrics were used for.

Currently I've been making cards. I'm always one who likes to go against the grain, not wanting to do what everyone else is doing, and cards and scrap booking has been popular crafts in the last few years. I'm finally getting into them, because I found some great Stampin' Up rubber stamps at garage sales last year. So now I need projects to do with those stamps and have found card making a good use of them. I also met a new friend who is passionate about stamping and such, so that too has spurred my interest. I love the new techniques such as inking and distressing the edges of the paper which really make the final projects look finished and make different features just POP off the page. A month and a half ago I had my gall bladder removed and during recovery I could not do a whole lot. I had joined a card swap as a motivation to get into card making and as the deadline neared it was the one thing I could do without a lot of movement (I was very sore from surgery). So, I dug through my stash of beautiful scrapbook paper I have collected over the years, (since I was not allowed to drive yet), and made a fairly decent card using my stamps and papers. And have been doing many paper related crafts since.
    Craft therapy is very good for the soul and has many healing qualities, I think. I never was depressed over my situation and kept myself busy creating more and more things. I mean, a person can only watch so much T.V.!!! So here is some of my most recent work. I'll post more later.

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